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Understand Your Child’s Student Score Report

No one knows your child or their needs more than you. Starting Smarter provides you with the resources and information to help you use your child’s CAASPP score report to understand the areas where your child is excelling and where they can improve. All of this can begin a conversation with your child’s teachers about how your child’s learning and progress can be supported in school and at home all year long.

What is the CAASPP?

Parent Guides to Understanding are available in nine separate languages.

A student shows her parents her class project during their parent-teacher conference.

Understanding the Score Reports and Areas

The tests your child takes are meant to measure the skills important for college and career readiness. Each score report is designed to help you and your child’s teachers identify where your child is excelling or where they may need further support.

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Check out the Test Questions

Enter your child’s subject, grade, and area to get descriptions of the skills and sample test questions in each area.

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    Check out the test in action

    Visit the CAASPP practice test to try out live, interactive questions and the testing features students can use.

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    CAASPP is a System of Tests for All Students

    The CAASPP System has resources for students who need them, including those with disabilities and those learning English. Learn more about these resources.

    Learn About Accessibility
  • A student shows her parents her class project during their parent-teacher conference.

    How does my child’s performance compare?

    View results at the school, district, and state level on the Test Results for California’s Assessments website.

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Additional Free Resources Available to Support Your Child's Learning

Use this information to have a meaningful conversation with your child’s teacher about the skills and content in the grade level and to support your child’s learning at home.

  • Be a Learning Hero!

    Visit the Learning Heroes website to find resources and tools—such as Grade-Level Roadmaps, Readiness Checks, and a Parent-Teacher Planning Tool—to help your child thrive in school.
  • Support Your Child's Learning

    Review these steps you can take to further support your child’s learning and development outside of the classroom.

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    Partners in Learning

    This resource provides information for families as they work as partners to support their child at school. Review this list to help guide conversations with your child’s teachers to further support your child.

  • Guide to Parent Teacher Conferences

    This worksheet can guide you through a discussion with your child’s teacher about how well your child is meeting grade-level expectations and progressing in their learning.

  • Lexile & Quantile Measures

    Lexile and Quantile measures provide a targeted approach for matching students with resources appropriate to their ability. Learn more from the California Department of Education.


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